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Mining Accommodation

Providers of Long Term Accommodation, Perfect for Mining & Gas Company Workforces

HomeGround Gladstone has established itself as one of the leading infrastructure, gas and mining accommodation providers in the area. If you or your workforce require long term accommodation near Gladstone, Qld, you’ve come to the right place!

When mining and gas companies need long term accommodation for their workforces, their options are often somewhat limited by the locations of their jobsites. When it became apparent that the resource boom would bring thousands of transit workers to this part of the state, we decided to build HomeGround Gladstone as a high-quality, affordable accommodation solution for those workforces needing a place to live for the long term.

Because long term accommodation options are often limited to hotels and motels, HomeGround Gladstone offers a welcomed alternative as our entire business model is focused on catering to and meeting the needs of transit workers.

We Know What Residents Want & Need

A person’s wants and needs differ significantly when renting an accommodation for the long term as opposed to renting a room for a night or even a weekend. For this reason, we’ve created a unique service offering that won’t be made available by the providers of hotels and motels.

We know that people who work for mining and gas companies often work at different times of the day and night, for instance. This is why our dining hall prepares fresh, quality meals according to these differing schedules. We also offer meals that meet a variety of dietary needs, such as low cholesterol and low fat food items.

Whatever the need, our goal is to make our residents’ stays as comfortable as possible. Those who choose to rent accommodation here, at HomeGround Gladstone, enjoy the benefits of a facility and staff with the main objective of satisfying the living wishes and needs of our residents. They may have travelled from far and wide to work at mining and gas jobsites, but the accommodation we offer our tenants is nothing short of a ‘home away from home’ experience.

Contact the accommodation providers you want and need for your workforce. Call HomeGround Gladstone at (07) 4975 8000.

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