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Accommodation Calliope

A Conveniently Located Calliope Accommodation Village

Before HomeGround Gladstone was created to provide workforce accommodation, Calliope accommodation was somewhat limited. Calliope made its mark by being conveniently located in close proximity to the worksites of many mining and gas companies but also to Gladstone. The accommodation village we’ve built to house more than 2000 workers in Calliope has been a success since day one, both from the perspective of those people who live here but also those business owners who count on us to ensure their workforces are safe and happy, after hours. If there’s one thing many gas and mining sector business owners have learned, it’s that a Calliope accommodation village, like HomeGround Gladstone, is beneficial for business in more ways than one.

The Perfect Location in Calliope

Calliope presented the perfect opportunity for an accommodation village: close enough to worksites that workers wouldn’t have to travel great distances to and from work; a short distance from Gladstone, yet far enough from the jobsite to provide completely separate living and working environments and to avoid disrupting the Gladstone community.

A Different Type of Accommodation

Oftentimes, companies like those who work in the resource sector are forced to house their employees in hotels and motels. The problem with this type of accommodation, and that which our Calliope accommodation village was designed to avoid, is that hotels and motels don’t often provide the types of amenities residents need to feel at home. Tenants at our Calliope accommodation village, however, will find all the comforts of home and much more, provided by a team of people whose focus is on achieving total tenant satisfaction.

If you’re looking for workforce accommodation, Calliope is the perfect location in which your employees can call their home away from home. Get in touch with us at (07) 4975 8000 to learn more about our accommodation services.

Enquiries: (07) 3640 4645
101 Calliope River Road,
Calliope Qld 4680
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