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Raising the Bar for Workforce Accommodation in Australia

When it comes to workforce accommodation, Australia business owners have typically had few if any options. Accommodation for workers in Australia has often consisted of hotels and motels that lack facilities, don’t protect employees’ safety and can’t offer the sense of ‘home’ that tenants want and need. Decmil Investments, owner of HomeGround Gladstone, saw an opportunity in this small yet vitally important accommodation niche. We are proud to offer the type of accommodation Australia business owners near Gladstone require for their workforces in the gas, mining and infrastructure industries.

Since the beginning of the resources boom, Gladstone, Australia has experienced significant population growth. The influx of transit workers coming to work in this part of Australia has outpaced the development of many necessary facilities, including available accommodation. While in the beginning many Australia mining and gas companies were forced to house their workers in hotels and motels, HomeGround decided it was time to offer a different, better option for the type of Australia accommodation these companies and their employees require. Today, HomeGround near Gladstone, Australia provides more than 2,000 quality rooms to workers in these industries and our model has been so successful that we’re expanding to accommodate more tenants.

Workforce Accommodation that Benefits Tenants & Australia Business Owners

When it comes to the type of long-term accommodation Australia-based workers require, hotels and motels fall short. When employees are forced to live in a hotel or a room that doesn’t offer the types of facilities or sense of home that they need to remain happy and healthy, their negative living experience can carry over and affect their performance on the job. To put it simply, when employees are satisfied with their accommodation, Australia business owners enjoy greater employee loyalty, better workplace morale and improved productivity.

If you were under the impression that any type of accommodation near Gladstone, Australia would do, you’re wrong. When you choose a place like HomeGround Gladstone, your employees are provided with all the creature comforts of home, access to facilities that help them stay healthy and happy, great quality and freshly prepared meals, and a safe environment in which to live. With this type of accommodation, Australia employers and their workforces benefit in more ways than one.

Contact us at (07) 4975 8000 to learn more about our options for workforce accommodation in Gladstone, Australia. You owe it to your employees and the future of your business.

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