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A Great Alternative to a Motel, Hotels & Rental Homes

When Queensland area business owners and their workers need to rent accommodation, they’re looking for something very specific: an accommodation that’s in a convenient location, is priced affordably and offers a range of amenities on par with and exceeding those provided at hotels, rental houses or your typical motel.

Rent an Accommodation that’s Close to Work but with the Comforts of Home

Often, when it comes to hotels or motel accommodation, it can be difficult to feel at home or comfortable enough to enjoy yourself after work. The thing about staying at a motel or hotels in Queensland is that they don’t provide the types of things residents want and need for convenience and comfort. While many hotels in this part of Queensland don’t even rent rooms with refrigerators, HomeGround Gladstone has been outfitted to provide comfortable spaces in which tenants can feel at home for long or short periods of time, with access to everything they will want and need.

When you rent the type of accommodation found here, at HomeGround, you or your employees will enjoy having access to sports courts, a gym and swimming pool, a dining hall that provides fresh meals made from quality ingredients, laundry facilities, a tavern, other communal spaces and so much more.

Feel Safe & Secure, 24/7

Another thing that makes living at HomeGround preferable to a motel, rental home or hotels in Queensland is that we provide our tenants with a safe and secure environment. Not only are the rooms we rent equipped with safes and a hard-wired fire alarm, but our management team and security staff ensure our residents can always feel safe by providing security throughout the week and around the clock.

Our Focus is Workforce Clientele

Unlike what you will find at hotels or with a motel accommodation, our sole focus is on tenants who work in the Queensland area’s mining, gas and infrastructure sectors. At hotels or a motel, staff may be unfamiliar with the needs of those who will need to rent a room for more than a weekend or even a week. After all, it’s one thing to vacation at a motel and to rent a short-term accommodation and another to need to rent accommodation for a full-time, extended stay.

This is just the beginning when it comes to the different type of experience you will come to enjoy at a place like HomeGround Gladstone and that which you would find at a motel or the various hotels in this part of Queensland. Contact us at (07) 4975 8000 to learn more about our workforce accommodation alternative.

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