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Gladstone Hotels Can’t Compare to HomeGround Villages for Workforce Accommodation

While there are a variety of hotels in Gladstone from which you can choose to house your employees, none can compare to the quality and affordability of those found at HomeGround Gladstone. When you choose HomeGround over Gladstone motels or hotels, you and your workers will enjoy a wide variety of benefits that none of the motels or hotels Gladstone has to offer could ever hope to provide.

Our Facilities

Unlike Gladstone motels and Gladstone hotels that offer little in terms of facilities, HomeGround was designed to provide the utmost in creature comforts for tenants in the hopes of creating a true ‘home away from home.’ It’s impossible to feel ‘at home’ in hotels or motels that provide little more than a bed and a chest of drawers. Unlike many of the area’s hotels and motels, Gladstone workers have access to a full range of facilities at HomeGround, from a pool and sports courts, queen-size beds, air conditioning and Internet connectivity to a gym, a dining hall with quality meals and a tavern.

We Prioritise Safety

Unlike Gladstone area hotels and motels that provide little more than overnight reception staff to keep residents safe, HomeGround Gladstone has an on-site management team and security staff to ensure our tenants and your employees are safe at all times. The people who work at the reception desk in hotels in Gladstone don’t necessarily have the training required to properly manage a difficult or dangerous situation that could invariably threaten the safety of tenants, but the team of people at HomeGround are trained not only to ensure your employees are comfortable and happy but safe as well, at all times. What’s more is our facilities are equipped with a hard-wired fire alarm as well as in-room safes to provide added security for our Gladstone residents and their belongings.

We Care About Our Tenants’ Health

You would be hard-pressed to find any motels or hotels in Gladstone that prioritise your employees’ health as highly as we do. While most Gladstone hotels will provide a gym, few will offer healthy food options and alternatives for people with varying dietary requirements or health needs. With freshly prepared meals complete with top quality produce, meat and other food items, your employees and our tenants can maintain or work toward optimal health.

HomeGround has set a standard for workforce residences that few, if any, Gladstone area hotels and motels could ever meet. Choosing to have your employees live in our residences, as opposed to hotels, not only ensures your workers are happier and safer, but their satisfaction with their living arrangements reflects positively on you, their employer, as well.

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