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The type of affordable accommodation Queensland area businesses require for their transit workers are often few and far between, meaning Queensland-based employers and their employees often have to sacrifice quality or cost to secure the type of living accommodation they need close to their worksites. Particularly, near Gladstone, Qld, where a relatively sudden influx of workers to the area outpaced infrastructure and particularly the type of accommodation available, owners of gas and mining companies and their workers were either forced to pay too much for hotels and motels or workers had to live in less than desirable places to save money.

The Perfect Accommodation Solution

With HomeGround Gladstone, the Queensland accommodation of choice, you needn’t sacrifice safe, clean and comfortable accommodation to stay within budget. Our entire business model revolves around providing the accommodation Queensland area resource companies and their workers require in a location that’s conveniently close to worksites and the heart of Gladstone, Qld but in a location where it will not disturb the rest of the community. When it comes to workforce accommodation, Qld business owners couldn’t ask for a better solution than HomeGround.

Today, we offer more than 2,000 rooms for workers in this part of Queensland and are scheduled to provide additional accommodation for workers in the near future. We’ve so successfully met the needs of tenants and their employers, thus far, with our quality workforce accommodation, Qld-area resource companies and others are demanding more of this style of accommodation.

The Gladstone, Qld Community Also Benefits

It isn’t hard to imagine what the sudden influx of thousands of people to an area would and could do to the infrastructure in, and the overall ‘feel’ of, a community. Although located in close proximity to Gladstone, Qld, HomeGround is perfectly positioned to provide the type of conveniently located accommodation Qld transit workers and their employers require, while also minimising the impact on the nearby Gladstone, Qld community. This way, Gladstone enjoys the many positive effects brought about by the resource boom without having to endure the potentially downsides. We’re proud to have been able to and continue to offer an affordable accommodation solution that satisfies everyone.

While Queensland communities like Gladstone and others continue to enjoy many positive effects brought about by the resource boom, we will maintain our dedication to offering four star standard Queensland accommodation to businesses and their workers for affordable prices. Call us at (07) 4975 8000 to learn more.

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